I am a tech-informed Interaction Designer, dedicated to creating well-crafted, scalable, highly usable digital experiences.

I hold a degree in Industrial Design, a Masters in Multimedia Design, and bring years of experience as a Front End Developer and Interaction Designer at internationally awarded digital and advertising agencies. My professional diversity enables me to collaborate and communicate effectively within multidisciplinary teams, and outwardly to clients and other stakeholders.

As an Interaction Designer, I maintain a strategic viewpoint over the course of a project, never losing sight of the why, while digging deep and enjoying the challenge of how.



  • Through studying Industrial Design, and my professional experience, I developed an appreciation of how users interact with products,
  • I seek to explore alternate approaches to UX design - looking beyond the screen for inspiration and solutions,
  • While championing an empathetic point of view throughout a project.

Tech Informed

  • I collaborate enthusiastically with engineers and developers - knowledge of a product’s build informs and improves UX.
  • My dev background has frequently proven useful in building prototypes and gaining data insights, and
  • I am proficient in translating tech concepts to the greater team and clients.

Systems Thinker

  • I advocate for modular, component based design systems,
  • Holding an appreciation for efficiencies of interconnected design, code, and data systems, and,
  • Apply systems-based strategies to the project and project’s workflow whenever possible.

Skills / Capabilities / Processes

Sketching and storyboarding, sitemaps, low and high fidelity wireframing, prototyping, paper prototyping, site scraping and data analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, persona development, card sorting, experience maps, atomic/OO design approaches, Agile methodology, team management, Front-End Dev, version controls systems, a dash of creative direction, and a helping of miscellaneous wisecracks and dad jokes.


Sketch, Invision/Studio, Framer, Principle, Abstract, Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Axure, and many more.


HTML5, CSS3, JS, SASS, PHP and other misc inc: JSON, CoffeeScript, Handlebars, GIT, Excel/Google Sheets Formulas.

Education and Training

  • Masters of Design (Multimedia Design) - Swinburne University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) - Swinburne University, Australia
  • Certificate of Small Business Management - RMIT, Australia
  • User Experience Design Course - General Assembly, NYC


I studied Industrial Design, hand-rendering appliances and vehicles (I was that close to being an automotive designer), hence I’m still pretty good with a pencils, pens and markers.

After achieving my Masters in Design, I spent time with some art/design collectives, contributing work and building sites with oddball UIs to accompany the events. Ran my own little design consultancy for a time. Did a little lighting design, a little print design. I built some unusual touchscreen UIs. Then spent the next few years as a Front End Dev working in Ad and Digital agencies. I’ve been around the block a few times.

Seeking to shake things up a bit, my wife and I moved from Melbourne, Australia to New York in 2012. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful teams on projects for great clients.

These days I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with my talented wife and beautiful son.


Things I enjoy: motorcycling (carefully), surfing (awkwardly), photography (amateurishly), exploring music, making ice cream, and spending time with my lad.

Here's me on Instagram. And here on LinkedIn. Aaand here's some odd little beats I make with the Figure App.