Samsung Customer Care

In an ongoing effort to increase customer satisfaction, Samsung USA initiated a redesign and restructure of the their Customer Care site.


Our team at Barbarian were tasked with redesigning the Samsung US Owner’s Product Information Page (OPIP), redefining the product search and selection experience.


Mapped existing Samsung Support sites to identify IA issues and user journey problem areas, and made recommendations on improvements. Wrote a small script to drill down through the multitude of products from the live site to gain insight into existing product categorization.

Dissected existing site and peripheral sites; documenting overlaps of content, UI inconsistencies, user journey dead-ends and navigation loops. Presenting the research to client, even they were surprised at the sprawling

Creating wireframes and simple prototypes, I ran user tests to further understand user intent. With the team, I iterated through page layouts and user journeys, presenting and workshopping frequently with client.

Developed approaches to progressively serving the most relevant content to user as they move through their product selection refinement.

In Conclusion

Our team created a positive support experience that increased findability, navigability, gave prominence to self-service options, and improved content hierarchy. The redesigned site means that Samsung product owners are able to find information that is more relevant, and sooner.

Since the redesign, even more users are finding answers, users are increasingly self-reliant, and the Samsung Support Community is seeing record traffic.

1003% Increase in daily visits to product support pages

We’ve seen an incredible increase in users accessing Product Support Pages and resolving issues through self-service.

203% Increase in users visiting answer pages

The number of users getting through the support journey to specific answer pages have doubled.

233% Increase in traffic to the Samsung Support Community

Revealing more community content on the Product Support page has doubled the traffic to the Samsung Support Community.